Booking Procedure
If you would like to start pole dancing classes, you will need to start at Level 1 regardless of prior dance experience. However, if you have done pole dancing specifically, you will need to speak to someone at reception to discuss a course that will suit your current level of ability.
Bookings & Course Catch Up Policy
  • Courses are not considered single use products- unused classes cannot be transferred to another person or rolled over to another term, or refunded.
  • Makeup classes may be available but are not guaranteed. We have reserved a pole for you in your course, and it is your responsibility to attend your class. If you miss your scheduled Course class, you may attend another Course of the same Level or lower if a pole is available, or alternatively attend and watch the class and make notes. Pole Practice is available free of charge for all Course enrolled students. All communications regarding Course Catch Ups and Practice is made via the VIP Members Facebook Group, or by emailing info@absolutepolefitness.com.au or messaging 0450 027 653.
  • Bookings are required for Casual Classes, using the MindBody app, the website or messaging 0450 027 653 or via social media. Please see our website for full instructions on how to book. If you can no longer make your booked Casual Class, please cancel your booking with at least 2 hours notice, where possible, so that another person may take your place. If you do a ‘no show’ for a booked class, you will be unable to attend that same class the following week. This is to keep you accountable, and to make things fair for other students. Non VIP Members need to book and pay using the app or website.
  • Payment is required at time of booking for Workshops & Private Lessons.  Workshops are refundable up until 2 Weeks before the scheduled event, and can be transferred to another student within 2 weeks of the event. Cancellations or changes to Private Lessons within 24 hours of the booking are not permitted- all moneys paid will be forfeited. This is because Private Lessons are in short supply, and it is not fair to the Instructor who has booked you, and the studio could have potentially taken another booking in that time. If a Private Lesson is booked for a group of 2 or 3 people, and someone cancels their booking, the pricing for the lesson will change to the applicable rate. For example, a booking for 2 people and one person changes their mind, the remaining person will need to pay the 1:1 rate.
VIP Membership Policy and Direct Debit Policy
You can start your VIP membership at any stage during the term, however, you can only sign up to the course class during week 1 or week 2 of the course.  If you start at another time you are still welcome to come to all the casual classes and then sign up to a course class at the start of a new term.

If you have not enrolled for a pole course but would like to attend the casual classes, your direct debit
amount remains the same, however this means that you forfeit the course for the current term and
cannot be transferred or credited to any other term.
8-week and 'Term' Direct debits are ongoing from term to term, for a minimum of one term, and can be cancelled at the end of any term, by notifying the studio via email at info@absolutepolefitness.com.au at least 4 business days
before a new term is scheduled to commence, to allow time for cancellation of debits.  
Your Direct Debit Arrangement will stay in place for one term or until the full price of the term has been
collected. Due to the fact that our courses are considered single unit products, once a course has commenced we are unable to offer your surrendered position to another customer. Therefore, we consider your continued enrolment in any course past the scheduled first class as having used your fitness service and so are unable to offer refunds on course fees after the first scheduled class. However, if you are unable to attend a fitness service due to changes or cancellations made by Absolute Pole & Fitness, we will endeavour to credit or refund your payment in full if you notify us before the commencement of the fitness service.
Direct debits are made weekly, if you book online you will be charged on the Monday of each week.  If the Monday falls on a Public Holiday, the payment will be taken on the following business day.  If you are wanting to nominate a day of the week, you need to sign up in the studio.

It is your responsibility to make sure the funds are in your account at least one day prior to membership deductions. If a payment declines you will not be able to attend any classes until payments have been caught up to date. You will also incur a failed payment fee charged by Ezidebit for every time your card declines.  Missed payments will be charged 3 day after inital payment was due.

8 week Memberships do not receive pauses or suspensions.  Allowances can be made for injuries.

Suspensions for holidays/injuries are available on 6 & 12 month memberships providing the minimum two-weeks notice has been given. All memberships allow a two-week suspension within a 12-month period with no fee’s. Suspensions beyond the two-week period will require a suspension fee of $5 p/w for the remainder of the suspension period.
Cancellation Policy
If you are paying by Direct Debit and still within your minimum membership (e.g. 4 months into a 12 month contract)
Your options are:
You can cancel your membership during the minimum term if:
  • You become sick or incapacitated. You must show us a certificate from a qualified medical practitioner stating that you cannot exercise for the remainder of your term. We will not charge you an exit fee.
  • You relocate to an area more than 30km away. You must show us a letter from your agent or employer. We will charge you an exit fee, the cost is based on how much time is left on your contract:
                                             Up to 6 months = $200 6-12 months = $300
  • You become bankrupt, and provide supporting documents of this We will not charge you an exit fee.
  • We make changes to the contract that adversely affects you. We will not charge you an exit fee.

What if I am within my minimum term and don’t have one of the reasons listed above?
You can pay your membership agreement out and we will apply a 10% discount to the total owing i.e. multiply your weekly fee on your membership agreement by the number of weeks left in your minimum term and deduct 10% from the total.
For Memberships paid upfront there are no refunds.
For Term-by-Term Direct Debits, payments will roll over to the next term unless otherwise advised.  If you wish to cancel your term-by-term direct debit, two (2) weeks notice is required in writing or email.
Injuries and Pregnancies
If you have any current injuries that interfere with normal exercise or you may be pregnant, we require a certificate from your doctor or physiotherapist confirming you are able to participate in any of our classes.

Queensland Government Consumer Rights- Ending your membership