Course classes are where you learn a routine over 4-8 weeks. You book into a class and come to that day and time each week to make sure you don’t miss anything. These courses follow a syllabus to make sure you progress safely.
If you have pole danced before contact our office to find out which class would be best for you. 

Level 1
If you have never pole danced before, this is where you start. No need to have any prior experience, you don’t need any level of strength or fitness to start.  It also doesn’t matter what size you are.  EVERYONE can pole dance!  We start you at the beginning and as you progress you move up through the levels in your own time.

Level 2
Learning different spins and variations.  Learning to climb and sit on pole as well as learning to climb up to the top of the pole. Learning different grip variations and conditioning to go upside down!

Level 3 and 4
Going upside down!  Start learning the basics of inverting and then actually getting upside down!  Learning different climbs, spins and more grip variations. Learning elbow stands.

Level 5 
Improving and learning more inverting tricks.  Preparing for shoulder mounts, handsprings and starting to learn handstands.

Level 6
Shoulder mounts and Ayesha grip variations and building on tricks from leg hangs. Putting several tricks together in combinations.

Level 7 and 8
This is where we put all that strength and knowledge together to learn harder moves. Splits and back flexibility will be needed to attempt many of these moves. This class can incorporate static and spinner poles depending on the tricks being taught.

Level 9 & beyond
Elite girls this is you.  This is our competition level!  Really focusing on the performance side of routines.


Learn the art of burlesque with Burlesque Dolls Australia.  Our burlesque classes are fun, sexy, confidence boosting and are open to all ladies of all ages, shapes, sizes and dance abilities! We are a fun, friendly and inviting bunch and we warmly welcome you to give something new a try.  During our performance terms this is a course class with the opportunity to perform in our student showcase night.  At other times it is a casual class.  Check out our current timetable to see which one it is at the moment.
For more information and to look at some video’s and photo’s head over to  www.burlesquedolls.com.au

Beginner Exotic Pole
Learn the sexy side of pole.  This course focuses on floor work and teaching you how to look sexy (even when you might not feel like it!).  Don’t be fooled though- this class will give you a great workout!  No need to have any dance or pole experience to join into this class, we teach you all the basics.

Intermediate/ Advanced Exotic Pole
Have you done Exotic Pole before?  Want more of a challenge and learn harder tricks and combo’s on the floor and in the air?  This class is for you.  If you are already a member and have done beginner exotic pole you will be invited to join into this class.  If you are new to Absolute Pole & Fitness but have experience in this type of dance, you can audition to join this class.


Grind is an exotic floor work course class, in which students will learn a fully choreographed sexy floor work routine. The class focuses on seductive floor flow, dirty grind, acrobatic tricks and sexy flex.

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