Casual classes are for fun and to increase strength and fitness using various different methods. To book for your casual class you can book via our booking section or on the Mindbody app.


Active Flex
Improve your flexibility through activating and strengthening your muscles. Stretching like this helps to prevent injury and increases your flexibility faster than passive stretching.

Bendy Bodies
For all levels. This class is a great stretch class.  Working on splits, straddles and backbends.  For all levels of flexibility.

Pole Choreo
A dance based class incorporating the pole.  Learn a small routine each week.  We will be exploring all different dance styles in this class.  All levels welcome.

Strong AF
Yep, that’s what you think it means!  What to work on your strength on the pole?  Come and get strong with our resident strongman & body builder, Ben every week!

Abs & Booty Burn
Using Kinetic Bands for your booty the entire hour, get your booty working and burning in this high intensity class designed for you to work on that perfect peach!

Gentle Yin Yoga
Yoga is a flow of physical alignment focused postures (asanas) that stretch and strengthen the body which combined with breath awareness help in developing a stronger mind, body and soul connection.

Yoga Inversions & Splits
This yoga class is still for all levels but focuses on more dynamic moves and holds aiming to improve your splits and balancing in upside down positions (i.e. elbow stands, head stands, shoulder stands)

Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced Pole Tricks

Tricks classes focuses on different tricks and combinations on the pole.  Beginner Tricks will have no inversions and is great for level 1-3.  Intermediate Tricks you need to be able to crusifix and perfect for level 4-6.  Advanced tricks is for Level 6 and up- you must be able to invert, shoulder mount and do inside and outside leg hangs.

Power HIIT
Want to get that cardio in and burn some serious calories?  Only 30mins but this class will leave you feeling like you've done a serious workout!

Foam Roller
This class is perfect to roll out those sore muscles- it's like your own massage!  Great for injury prevention and rehabilitation.  

Pole Power 

This 30min class will get you strong on the pole!

Learn the art of burlesque with Burlesque Dolls Australia. Our burlesque classes are fun, sexy, confidence boosting and are open to all ladies of all ages, shapes, sizes and dance abilities! We are a fun, friendly and inviting bunch and we warmly welcome you to give something new a try. For more information and to look at some video’s and photo’s head over to


Book your Casual Class today!
Book a Casual Class today!