Welcome to Pole Dancing!

New to Pole Dancing?
Are you tired of your old gym routine and struggle to stay motivated with any form of exercise? Pole fitness is your escape, time just for you to have fun, meet people and get fit all at the same time.

Pole fitness is really for anyone; any age, shape or fitness levels. At Absolute Pole & Fitness there are classes to suit everyone. You don’t need to have any level of fitness, coordination, dance ability or flexibility to start pole classes. You will start in Level 1 and your Absolute Pole & Fitness instructor will help you get your tricks, spins and dance moves in a non-judgmental, fun and supportive environment.

What do I wear?
Pole Dance Classes:
It’s important to wear clothing that is comfortable and allows you to move. Shorts or leggings are appropriate for the first few classes but as you progress further you’ll need to use your legs to grip and this is when shorts are better. A sports bra/top is perfect to wear with either a singlet or t-shirt.

You can pole barefoot or in heels. Heels are not compulsory however feel free to bring along your most sparkly pair! We recommend heels with an ankle strap (so they don’t fly off) and avoid fabrics such as velvet as they will make you slip. Please do not wear heels with large buckles or detailing on top of the shoe as they will scratch the poles (& get ruined in return).

Dance and Fitness Classes:
Wear clothing that is comfortable. Gym leggings/ shorts are appropriate and any gym top with a suitable sports bra. Wear runners, however a lot of our fitness classes can be done in bare feet. Please be aware that shoes are to be worn in our gym area, for your safety.

What do I bring?
  • Water bottle
  • Small gym towel
  • High heels (optional)
  • Hand grips to avoid sweaty palms (available to purchase from the studio)
  • Lots of energy!!

Before your class:
Please remove all jewellery before each class (rings, watches, bracelets, necklaces) and leave it at home. The poles will damage your jewellery and your jewellery will damage our equipment. We are not responsible for any lost jewellery at the studio. Do not wear any moisteriser or body lotion on your hands or body (especially legs). Sweating will release the lotion to the surface of your skin & make you slippery!

How do I get started?
Pick a Level 1 class that you can attend from our current timetable.  Level 1 is a 4-week course, so it is best to start this at the start of the 4 week block.  From Level 3 upwards, all our course classes are an 8 week course.  You can come to 1 class for $25 or for better value you can join our 4-week Intro Membership for only $120!  

Do you have any more questions?  Head over to our Frequently Asked Questions!