Come and experience how much fun getting fit and fabulous can be.  You too can be part of our pole family, where you are not judged but celebrated for who you are!
Absolute Pole & Fitness incorporates a large pole room with 18 poles in brass & stainless, an open dance & fitness room and a compliment of strength & conditioning equipment.
Anyone can join into pole dancing classes, dance classes, fitness classes or have private sessions, personal training sessions or grab a bunch of friends and have a party!  No prior fitness level or strength is required, there are classes to suit everyone!  
We even have an in-house nutritionist/ naturopath who can help out with personal health issues and create personalised diet plans to help with weight loss! 
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Our Services

  1. 1
    Pole Fitness Courses
    Our Pole Fitness course classes are where you learn a routine over 4-8 weeks. You don't need any strength, level of fitness or any co-ordination to start!
  2. 2
    Casual Classes
    Casual classes are for all levels. They are for fun and to increase strength and fitness using various different methods. Variations are given for different levels.
  3. 3
    Burlesque & Exotic Pole
    Want to learn the art of looking and feeling sexy? These classes are for you! Learn the art of Tease in Burlesque or get down & dirty in Exotic Pole.
  4. 4
    Personal Training
    Is your goal to get strong, fit or loose weight? Maybe it's all 3! Getting individualised attention can help with motivation and smashing those goals.
  5. 5
    Private Lessons
    Pole, floor work, lap or chair dance. Book a session so you can work on personal goals or learn a routine for your partner. We also do competition preparation.
  6. 6
    Parties & Workshops
    Great party idea for hen's nights, birthday parties, divorce parties, girls night out, Christmas parties or work team building.
My name is Jade Anderson and I joined Absolute pole and Fitness in September 2017.  My weight has always had an impact on my life; for as long as I could remember I always felt like the ‘bigger’, ‘fatter’ friend. Often I was told how pretty my friends were but I didn't need to worry about looks cause my personality made up for them. Breaking point for me was when I was looking through my computer for a specific photo when I came across a family day where many photos were taken. I was standing next to my dad, who is a fit and muscular man, I made him look small….I then looked at other photos taken that day, I was in shocked. I then pushed my laptop away and said those photos were just unflattering. Ironically, I was wearing my favorite shirt in the photos, I put it on the next day, it was tight, it was an XL. I have gained so much weight without noticing. After lying in bed crying, I scrolled through social media to find some ‘teas’ quick fixes to my issue I came across an ad for Absolute Pole and Fitness, I showed my mum thinking she would think I was silly. Instead, she explained how good pole was, it worked every muscle and how you see these girls who are fit and elegant. I got in contact with the owner, Kylie and booked to have a lesson. 

The day of my first class I wore shorts half away down my thighs and a shirt that was in incredibly baggy. Before going in I sat in my car crying and not wanting to go in, in fear of judgment. I pushed myself to leave the car, I had my first lesson with an instructor Maddy, who was able to comfort me and inspired me in her own journey. I never thought, I would wear, a tight singlet, shorts to pole let alone in public.

I now have moved up in levels, I am strong both mentally and physically and I have a tribe of people who support and love me. They have all helped in my weight loss journey, I still have body goals but I love my body and the person I’ve become. I am confident and happy for the fist time in a long time. From September to March I have lost 13.5 kg, and gone from an L-XL to a S-M. The progress will continue, I cant wait to keep moving up levels and love myself a little more each day.